CCB Member, EuCARE, Achieves Milestones in Patient Enrolment and Research

 EuCARE Surpasses 50,000 Patient Milestone!

The EuCARE initiative has reached a significant milestone, enrolling over 50,000 patients across its clinical cohorts. These cohorts include the Hospitalised cohort, focusing on patients with COVID-19, and the Post-COVID cohort (PASC), investigating long-term sequelae of the virus.

Enrollment status for clinical studies

 Unprecedented Progress in Research: EuCARE Laboratory Network Collects 8,908 Samples!

In addition to patient enrollment, the EuCARE laboratory network has made remarkable strides, collecting a total of 8,908 samples to date. These samples are instrumental in advancing our understanding of COVID-19 and its long-term effects.

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